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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

At VETSkillinG, we believe in the power of collaboration and innovation in education. We are a unique alliance of five European vocational schools, joining forces to shape the future of green technology education.
Our mission is clear: to develop teaching materials that not only highlight the principles of greentechnology, but also focus on its implementation by the next generation of professionals. Through our combined expertise and experience, we bring a dynamic sustainable technology perspective to classrooms.
What sets us apart is not only the pursuit of a theoretical framework, but also the practical application of knowledge. We believe that students learn best by doing, which is why we integrate hands-on experience and real-world projects into all our teaching materials. In this way, we prepare our students for exciting careers in the rapidly evolving world of green technology.


Together we are committed to a sustainable future, and we invite you to be part of our mission. Find out more about and the role we play in tomorrow's educational learning materials.

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